Garlands re-launch party


03/03/2018 - 04/03/2018

Event time:
10:00 pm - 6:00 am

Guest List Email:

0151 231 1105

Launched in 1993 Garlands nightclub became an overnight success and has now become the longest established Saturday resident dance night in the country. It is synonymous with glamour, craziness and its own unique ambience creating an environment where clubbers can be who they want to be, knowing they are in a very safe place. Garlands has set the standard for three generations of clubbers, spurning a host of pale imitations and copycats as well as births, marriages and civil partnerships! It has played host to some of the ‘best times of our lives’, remaining supreme for nearly 2 decades: placing at the forefront of our philosophy the taking of risks, together with extreme entertainment and inventiveness and portraying and excusing, ours and our customers wildest behaviour with the infamous catchphrase and get out clause of ” Garlands made me do it “.
Our flyers have been displayed in the Tate Gallery, and Isabella Blow, discoverer of Alexander McQueen and now sadly deceased, made Garlands the setting for a fashion piece in the Tatler, proving that there really is NO place like Garlands. The monopoly that so called ” super clubs ” have on DJs has driven us to become more extreme with our entertainment, including and embracing our customers within it. So now we reject these DJs, who come and go, and instead give our customers quality music that is always moving forward in an environment, where for you the customer, ENJOYMENT IS EVERYTHING

Music Genres: Cheesy Dance, Club Classics, Funky House, Old Skool, Tech House


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